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An inspiring journey that will take you through the experiences of life that have shaped Natasha into the woman she is still becoming. The read will incite you into a plethora of emotions that will have your heart racing while hoping for the best outcome. I AM WOMAN will encourage every person, especially women, to hold on to the promises of a purpose-driven life, stand up for yourselves and persevere, no matter the circumstances. The only way to fail is to not try, and as long as you are trying, failure is NOT an option.

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About Natasha Bostic Baymon

Natasha is an Author, Playwright, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. She prides herself in being an advocate for women and children who have had to battle with domestic violence and sexual trauma. She speaks and coaches on relationship issues, whether married or single, parents or siblings, or even the relationship with oneself.

Our past is the secret that unlocks the key to our future. In the old days, our ancestors were known to sweep it all under the rug, but today we understand that in order to get over something, we have to walk straight through it with strength, passion, and courage. We must accept our past in order to conquer our future!

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I Am Woman is an exceptional read! This is a truly inspiring autobiography that will captivate anyone to understand that you don't have to settle for certain circumstances or let anyone dictate who you are and what you can become. This book is relatable to everybody. It is an amazing guide on how to turn pain and disappointment to extraordinary determination.

Tony M.

Firefighter, Nashville, TN
I AM WOMAN is a 5-STAR PAGE TURNER! Buckle-up because this is NOT your grandmother's PBS-ish type autobiography! This raw and unfiltered autobiography of a Black Woman's triumphant survival from just about everything from horrific child abuse to denied paternity will have you reading non-stop!

L. Campbell

Global Technology Risk Management, Chicago, IL
Once I started reading this book, I could NOT put it down! Reading Natasha's story of abuse, betrayal, dissappointment, loss, and love, captivated so many of my emotions. I was fully engaged and many times felt like I was on the journey with her. The courage to speak the truth can be liberating. Natasha exercised her courage by using her voice to speak her truth.

C. Speight

Leadership Solutions Partner, Greensboro, NC


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