Natasha Bostic Baymon is "BLACK DIAMONDS"

A definitive selection of Natasha's work will encourage you to stand in your truth, forgive your past, and attract the dreams of your future.

About Natasha Baymon

Throughout all the turmoils and hardships of life and through all the “Why me God?” and “What did I do to deserve this grief?" Please remember, when heat and pressure are added to lumps of coal, you eventually get black diamonds. We are those lumps of coal, but when the pressure is released and the heat cools down, we are also Black Diamonds!

A voice is a powerful tool! Some of us may have been silenced throughout our childhood and even into adulthood, but now is the time to raise our voices and be heard. FEAR cannot reside within us! The trauma from the past can no longer shackle us and hold us hostage. We must release it, and be FREE! We must un-silence our voices!

A Book For Everyone

Character and Integrity are built through hardships and perserverance.


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